Million Meal Challenge Orlando

Go to the post-event site to:

  • Follow your meals from seaport to village.
  • See photos and videos from your event.
  • Find out what the media is saying about the program.
  • Learn how to organize your own meal-packaging event.

In the next few months, we'll add stories and interviews from Burkina Faso, video footage of meal deliveries and more. Save the site to your bookmarks, and check back for updates.

Last November, almost 4,000 people gathered in Orland0 to package 500,688 nutritional meals and to donate food, time and money to organizations supporting the hungry and homeless in Central Florida. Now, those meals are on the way to Burkina Faso where they'll be distributed to young girls, orphans and others in need.

A seed packet from the Million Meal Challenge sprouts chili pepper plantsA seed packet from the Million Meal Challenge sprouts chili pepper plants. Don't forget to plant yours! We have carrots and peppers growing at the CRS office in Baltimore. Photo by Susan McCarthy for CRS

What's next? To truly end hunger and preserve human dignity, people must have the ability to earn their own money—and they must learn the skills necessary to do that. A $5 or $10 donation—what we might spend on lunch or a new toy—could buy chickens for a poultry farmer, educate an orphan or teach a young girl to sew. Then their children will never have to wait on a shipment of food from a country that is oceans away to eat. If you want to send more meals to Burkina Faso, $3 provides 6 meals. Buy more meals now.

For those who attended the Million Meal Challenge, we thank you for taking your first step towards ending hunger, and hope that you will continue the journey. There is much more work to be done. Let's do it together.

Million Meal Challenge Orlando event was presented by Stop Hunger Now, Catholic Relief Services, Diocese of Orlando, Second Harvest and Catholic Charities.